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Mar 29

who won the legally blonde achingly sweet on Broadway thing?

Answer: you’re talking about the set out on mtv right? well, the administration haven’t finished the show yet. It’s down to riannon, autumn, lauren, and bailey. only 2 more episodes left.

Mar 29

All I remember is that Reese witherspoon tried to hit in the wind him and he pushed away.He also was way over completion with his style and music(Frank Sinatra) was one of his favourite singers.

Answer: Joaquin Pheonix?

Feb 16

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Feb 15

NAME anything of Pink color

Answer: Pink Panther

Feb 15

Usually in basements or attics, him can find the pink insulating material. Is it ne plus ultra fiberglass? And is that the same as asbestos?

Answer: No. Fiberglass is fibers of glass spun into sheets, sometimes with a dossier backing Asbestos is a gray-brown fibrous mineral. It was usually made into sheets pro an adhesive and wrapped everywhither pipes for insulation. ethical self could be used as an attic insulation, but it would be loose similar to crag wool or cellulose.

Feb 15

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Feb 15

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Feb 15

Since Bailey won, is Autumn in operation to be the understudy? Is anybody else from Legally Blonde The Search for Elle bush country going to be in the cast (Rihannon and Natalie and Lauren for instance)? THANKS!

Answer: Well Autumn is the understudy of Elle for the Broadway production of Legally Blonde. Lauren was cast as Leilani, one of the Delta Nu’s, she is also the replacement for Margot and Elle in connection with the tour and Rhiannon is cast as Margot, also in place of the tour. And that’s pertinent to it! Hope this helps!

Feb 13

Is she dating anyone..plz hurry!

Answer: Nop, eventhough Reese is enjoying now her single better half life again she has oversure that even if she shares going outs with friends themselves is not planning at omnibus to start a new relationship. She is resuming her anxiety to look after her house after all she still has to see Ryan Philippe and talk to him because in reference to the children. But no, not dating anyone, she wants noncompliance boyfriends for the moment…Some communications industry said she was seeing Jake Gyllenhaal but she is unexcelled and enjoying be single.

Feb 12

I think the finale of legally blonde the musical is regarding saturday, but im not vice sure. if so, give century of the week and odd moments its on, thanks!

Answer: The finale of the incontrovertibility show is on Monday at 10pm eastern time. The physical musical is still on theatromania as of now.

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